Honestly, if you are interested at all in the title, you are probably exactly to whom I am referring.  Are you a Christian who likes to think about God, spends time in prayer, likes to read books, study word meanings, is interested in the way the Lord does His work, etc?  Then this is probably for you.

However, a few more ideas.  They do not have to fit you perfectly:

-A person who by nature or practice works more in logic and reason than emotion.

-A person who wants to know, study, learn.

-A person whom the Lord reaches more easily through paradigms and contemplations than by emotional experiences.


What I don’t mean:

-That you have to be a genius to be here

-That you have to be an introvert


This blog seeks to:

-Encourage an often overlooked segment of Christian in today’s feeling/loud churches

-To provide tools to guard against the enemy using our intellect to sway us from our faith

-Open dialogue in a safe place for questions, discussion, even doubts.

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