One of the most influential books in my life, aside from the Word, is The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence.  In fact, I have it on my schedule to try to read once a week on Monday (it is short).

Written in the 17th century by a carmelian monk, it is easy to read but full of wisdom.  He decided that the works and actions required by the monastery were means to a goal:  to increase one’s love for God.  He thought it easier to just love God.  He still obeyed his superiors in actions, of course, but he found that going straight to the Lord was the shortest way to be with the Lord.

He admonishes keeping focus on the Lord as much as possible, surrendering everything to Him.

He demonstrated humility without contrived shame that Christians often employ.  He demonstrated freedom without anarchy.  He declined navel staring after his sins, but merely applied to the Lord for assistance.

The book starts out talking about Brother Lawrence and his method, then goes on to actual letters from Brother Lawrence.  I actually found the beginning part of the book to be most educational for me.

You can find the book easily for free on kindle and online.  Here is one link:

I recommend this to all brethren who ask my opinions on additional reading material.  If you have read it, I would love to discuss it with you.  Have you employed any of his methods?  What did you find?


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