“There are many roads to God”

For an unbeliever to say that is relatively understandable.  They do not have the Holy Spirit, they do not know the truth.

But for a CHRISTIAN to say that is unutterably cruel….and not just for the obvious reasons of blasphemy.  Or even because that means they are leading others astray.

If that phrase was true, then that means that some people can come to God through chants and temple visits in foreign religions.

But that would mean that God ALSO made Jesus be tormented to death for those who happened not to be close to, say, a Buddhist shrine.  Let’s see how that would work…

“I am going to send My only Son, the One who didn’t do ANYTHING wrong, Whom I love, to be whipped until the flesh hung off His back.

Then He will be mocked and punched and thorns driven into His scalp.

Then He gets to carry a cross so heavy that the weight of the wood drives splinters deep into His shoulders and back and He cannot bear the weight of it. 

But wait!  There’s more!

THEN I am going to have soldiers take spikes and drive them through skin, bone, muscle, tendon through His hands and feet.  Then He is going to bear all of His weight on the wounds.  If He wants to breathe, He has to push up against the spike in His feet, tearing more skin and muscle.  He gets the choice:  slow choking death or unimaginable agony.

THEN I am going to let Him hang there for three hours until He is dead.  Oh and a spear, we need a spear.

But for all y’all who are near a Buddhist shrine or something, don’t worry about Jesus and His suffering.  Just pop on in to the nearest temple.  You can find Me there too.”

Our Lord died for us because we needed Him to.  There are no other paths, and to suggest such is to belittle Jesus’ suffering.

So perhaps we need to be careful when we think about saying there are many roads to God.



One thought on “Seriously?

  1. Completely agree. A completely sinless life, then everything you’ve described. And then after all that physical suffering of Christ on the cross (none of which made him cry out or even speak), the Father covered Him in darkness as every one of our sins pierced Him through and caused Him to cry out “My God, My God, why have You forsaken me”. Until that precious moment when He said “It is finished”….
    There can only be one way because the cost is way too high to be paid more than once. No-one else could have afforded it.
    I get teary every time I think of it. 🙂


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