A thought occurred…

Atheists do not believe in God.  Yet, I am pretty sure that if we suddenly found out that aliens invented the Earth and created the animals and humans and plants, they would be ok with it.

Let me explain further….
If aliens landed right now and said “This is what we did”, it would probably be accepted by many, if not all.  In fact, I would be willing to bet that there would be a fair bit of reforming observations as “proof of aliens”.

(Though, after generations, people would start doubting that aliens arrived.  The stories would be considered fables and myths, just like some consider God a myth.)

What is the difference between the concept of aliens creating the earth and God creating the earth?

Actually, the fact that one does not INSTANTLY poo-poo the idea that aliens could have created the earth means that, deep down, they care considering that the earth and everything on it could have been created, designed.

Obviously aliens did not create the earth.  However, the point is if we would even consider that aliens could have created the earth and animals and even people, then why do we adamantly refuse that God did?  If we could suddenly see the complexity of our world in a “created” light because we could say “aliens did it”, then we have to be intellectually honest enough to say “I allow that the earth could have been created.  I would actually be ok if we found out that some interdimensional alien created the earth and everything on it.  I could accept that higher alien life is possibly capable of such.  Therefore I cannot, in all honesty, say that God is impossible and that our world was not created.  My brain allows enough reasonable doubt…..as long as no one calls it ‘God'”

This is not meant to be proof of God.  Or creation.  Or aliens.  This is meant to introduce an intellectual honesty about what biases we might have (we all have them.  There is no purely unbiased human.).  Then we might ask ourselves if we really truly understand what we believe, or if it is not that we think we know something to be true but that we are merely against something we do not want to be true (there is a God).

Of course the problem is not really one of logic, it is a problem of the spirit.  And this is not to be mocking at all, because atheists are deeply in need of the Lord and it is our job to lead them as much as we can, pray for them, show the Lord by our example in love.

But still the thought is a curious one.

One thought on “Aliens

  1. Here’s my theory – note a theory in the proper sense regarding UFO’s and the like. The distances in our galaxy alone not to mention the Universe proper are mind boggling long, it’s not like a hop skip and jump to the corner Bodega. It’s more like flying from the east coast of the U.S. to Australia if we go by scale. Not something for the faint of heart flinging oneself across hundreds or thousands of light years.

    So on to the theory – the little grays and big grays – with bulbous heads, big eyes, nostril holes, and thin mouths – perhaps they traveled here from the future and not so much from a great distance. Because in physics they’re coming to the realization that time travel isn’t theoretically impossible.


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