So, how did it go yesterday?  Hopefully it made your brain hurt a little.

Were you able to picture things like a foot randomly growing out of your ear or your dog turning into a mattress?  Of course, even those things are ordered:  feet are made of living cells and living cells have to repeat the same processes to live, much less stay cohesive, stay stuck together.

Ok, now my point for that is to get us to look at what a random universe would look like.  A universe governed by “whatever happens, happens”.  Not a pretty sight.
We must understand this.  We must stop and think.  Order implies order.  It implies direction.  It would be impossible for randomness to cause long term patterns on every single level, from subatomic to cosmic.   Order is not random.
Now, if we look at thermodynamics, the term “entropy” comes into play.  Things might start as ordered but the energy required to maintain order is more than the energy required to abandon order.  Basically, if you drop a deck of cards, you are almost always (like, always) get a mess.  They are not going to fall back into a deck and even less in number order.
It is a lot easier to make a mess than clean it up.
So the very nature of existence requires order.  Not just that, but it requires extra energy to stay ordered.  The natural world does not want to stay ordered.  We don’t see waffles suddenly just make themselves in our kitchen.  We don’t seem rooms suddenly fall into cleanliness.  Entropy and chaos are forces that work naturally in the universe.  Yet here we are with patterns and order from atoms to your fingers to galaxies.
We are so used to the concept of order being a given in the universe that we have lost an appreciation for the impossibility of it.

Let me say that again:  We have lost, or never had, a true appreciation for the unbelievable and impossible effect of order on our universe.  We take it as a “of course there is order” because we have always seen it.  But that does not mean it is supposed to be the norm, it is just our norm.

Randomness, entropy, chaos should be the norm. Every ordered thing, from a solar system to an atom, is astoundingly out of place.  There should be no pattern, because the entire system requires energy to stay ordered.  Not just energy, but deliberately focused energy.
Order is a miracle.

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