“every Writing is God-breathed, and profitable for teaching, for conviction, for setting aright, for instruction that is in righteousness,” 2Timothy 3:16 (YLT)

Either God is all powerful or He just isn’t.

It cannot be both.

Yet we Christians often live like He is all powerful in theory, but not in our lives.

So we excuse Him for the “obvious differences from back then” and excuse ourselves from not following His Word.

Here is the thing.  If we are calling the Word fallible, we are saying:
1) He is not powerful enough to make sure what ALL His children need to know make it into the Bible
2)  He is wanton and will hold us accountable, even if He was too weak or too inept or too callous not to give us His commands.
3)  He is powerful but laissez faire and does not really care if we follow His Word.

“But the Bible was written by man!”–no, the Bible was copied down by man.  The Lord gave them the words to say.  That is what 2 Timothy 3:16 is saying.

“But you have to take culture into account!”–not in terms of the Lord’s commands.  Rome had one culture, Galatia had a different culture, Jerusalem had a different culture.

But God is not a Galatian.  He is not a Roman.  He is not even a Jew, though the Jewish people are His original tribe.

His culture never changes.  What was wrong to Him then is wrong to Him now.

He.  Never.  Changes.

Plus, His rules are for our GOOD.  These are not random, self-serving, arbitrary rules that He invents just to see how high we jump!.  NO!  He loves His children.  He is not wanton at all.

So if:
1)  He loves us, and
2)  He is serious about us following His commands, and
3)  He knows that for us to not follow His commands is bad for us, and
4)  He knows that He will, as a good Father, insist we uphold His commands so that we are holy, and
5)  He knows we will actually, you know, need to KNOW what His commands are so that we can follow them…

And if:
1)  He is actually God, and
2)  He is all powerful

1)  He will write His commandments down
2)  He would have chosen those who would write faithfully (there were a lot of people who could write back then who were eager to contribute to the church.  He chose whom He chose)
3)  He will not be overpowered on such an important thing as the life-giving rules for His children by mere men
4)  His Word will be accurate and good.

Look, we can follow the Word or not.  It really is our choice (not really if we are a Christian and desire the Lord, but we do have the autonomy to turn from Him).  However, what we cannot do is to ease our own path by intimating that the Lord is inept or wanton.

Obey or not.  But recognize the Lord’s power.


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