It occurs to me that life in Christ (and indeed out of Christ) might be a lot more symbolic and weighty than we think.

Nearly everything Jesus did was symbolic, from meeting the woman at the well to the Last Supper to even where He was born.

Not only that, but it seems that almost every act in the Word (if not every act) was symbolic. It wasn’t just a staff. Water came from rocks. Pillar of salt, pillar of fire. Rainbow, fig trees, grape vines. All through the Word, there is a daily, normal “thing” (a tree, a cloud, a food, a time, a word, an action) then there is the HIGHER MEANING of the thing.

Then we have our lives which are eating, marriage, children, work, laundry, etc. Then there is the HIGHER MEANING of the things–receiving from the Lord, a hint of the union of Jesus and the Church, a better understanding of the sacrifice of Jesus by God, fighting entropy and sin, and even showing love and battling evil in small but highly significant ways.

Every minute of our lives here seem to be under and overlayed with eternity and meaning. There is not one action or incidence that cannot be redeemed or is wasted. There is not one connection that is not intended. There is not one coincidence, no ghost in the Lord’s machine. Our words have spiritual significance, our actions are eternal.

Has anyone else noticed this? Thoughts?


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