So what do we do first?  How can we get the most from the healing that the Lord has for us?

First we must prepare our bodies, minds, hearts, and spirits.  We have to be willing to let God work.  If we want total healing, we have to be ready to totally let go of our own desires, fears, hopes, irritations, etc.  Peace and joy come from fully trusting in the Lord.  That is something you can do.  It is not just for perfect people because there are no perfect people.  The Lord created peace and joy as gifts to those who trust Him.  Right now you do not trust Him, so you do not have those gifts.  Oh, He has them in wait for you, but you cannot use them until you trust Him.

How do we prepare ourselves?  Well, we acknowledge our sin of fear and anxiety first.  We acknowledge our desire for control in our own lives.  We must acknowledge our utter lack of faith—we don’t even have the faith to live a normal life at the moment.  We must repent of our sins, and we must make a concerted, deliberate effort to say “Thy Will Be Done”.  Be ready to accept His teaching for you, no matter what it is.

He will insist that you stop relying on yourself. He will insist that you stop nursing your fears and grudges and grievances. He will insist that you abandon your anxieties and restlessness. He will gently admonish you to give up every little bit of “But I want this to happen” and to actually and honestly say “Thy will be done.”.  Not “Thy will be done, BUT….” or “Please let Thy will be the same as my will…” but rather “If You, Sovereign Lord, in Your wisdom choose to move my life in ways that are different from my plans, I trust You. I accept this. I love You and I know You love me.  You are utterly  faithful.  Thy will be done.”.

He will show you what walls you have up in your heart.  He will show you what is blocking you from receiving the peace that passes all understanding. He will show you what is blocking your joy. I am telling you up front that it will all be your own thoughts and emotions, not anything happening in your life. Joy does not come from every good thing happening to you. Joy is a gift from the Lord, no matter what is happening to you. Peace is not the cessation of the storm, but being with Him in the midst of it.  Expect Him to show you, gently, all those things that you have chosen to put ahead of Him. Fully expect and prepare yourself to confess sins you did not even know you had. such as lack of faith and mistrust.  Expect to have to give up things that are harmful to you, even if you enjoy them.  Expect to have Him tell you to put Him before you, to put others before you.  Write what He tells you down in your notebook.

Expect that when you do these things, that your life will be MORE rich, not less. MORE full, not more empty.  MORE joyful, not more “boring”.

You might find, like me, that at first the peace and joy might be fleeting, maybe only an hour or a even minute. Then it will seem to slip from your fingers as if you are trying to touch a rainbow. But don’t lose heart! This just means that your focus has slipped. Now that you know, you can refocus on Him. If you are obedient, the peace will be steady and the joy continuous. If you are hardheaded like I am, He will have to bring you back to obedience, which is sometimes difficult but produces a harvest of righteousness. You will actually have peace in your painful situations,  and your fears will be foreign to you because He has given you the peace that passes all understanding.

So why not stop right now and go to Him. Right now ask Him to teach you (and then listen when He does!).  He is faithful, He will do it.


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