We know that people with anxiety disorders, specifically OCD, tend to have a very high moral code.  They tend to be perfectionists in at least some parts of their lives.

In some instances this serves people well.  A high moral code gives one guidance and provides an excellent background for society.  Being perfectionists can be both a source of pride, and a source for excellent work.  Most people with anxiety disorders are introspective, deliberate, conscientious, and earnest.

However, there are very negative traits in people with anxiety disorders as well.  We tend to see events, situations, and even our own behavior as either “perfect” or “terrible”.  We tend towards “paralysis by analysis”—over-thinking and over-analyzing to the point we are unable to make a decision because we feel there is always only one right choice.  We fail to recognize blessings we have been given, and we may rob the Lord of praise because we do not recognize blessings.  We tend to be downright cowardly, afraid to even do things that a child can do, such as leave the house, walk down the street without fear, or go to a store.  Our witness is ineffective because we are fraught with anxiety, not peace; full of anguish, not joy.  We also tend to try to substitute the perfect sanctification of our souls through Jesus with our own ideas of sanctification—doing everything “just right” in order to earn the Lord and His blessings.

Those are some of the traits that many people with anxiety disorders have.  But let’s answer a big question we have all had—how is this happening to me?

There are three areas we are going to address in answering this question—the biochemical means by which this happened, the mental means by which this happened and the spiritual means by which this happened.   We will look at each area and touch briefly on how we will overcome each of these means.  Then later we will learn exactly what steps we will take to overcome these.


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