You might think “I am saved, why is this happening to me?  Was it something I did?  Was it something I did not do?   Why would this happen when I love the Lord so much?”.

I totally understand that pain!  How much I know that anguish of your heart!  That frustration, that anger, that soulful cry of “Father, Father, why are we forsaken?”.  We are Christians, we are supposed to be victorious.  We love the Lord, and want to obey Him!  But we find ourselves locked into fear and anxiety in our minds.

Why?  Why would the Lord allow this?  Why does this happen?

It happens because we are forgiven, not sinless!  We are steeped in sin right now, sin so pervasive, and that started out so subtly, that we did not even realize how it had taken us over.  Just like how the sin of lust starts with a curious look, or the sin of anger starts with a stomp of the foot, our sin started out with a moment of weakness, a moment so fleeting and so instant that we might never remember it.  And it grew from there.

It happens now because we are relying on us, not Him.  We are not obeying Him fully.  We are not resting in Him, but relying on our own strength, wisdom (which really is not wisdom), and ability.  We are choosing to believe in our own perceptions, not His reality.  We are choosing to listen to our fear, instead of choosing to feed our faith.  We are in sin.

BUT the good news is that the Lord provided us a way to escape this!  We can get out of this, starting right now!  He has not forsaken us, we had forsaken Him!  We may have loved Him, but we did not trust Him.  Our faith was in how we protected ourselves from what we feared.  We were like children who are terrified and will not listen to our Father when He tells us that it is safe, that He is strong enough to protect us.

You might say “But I know He can deliver me…He just won’t!”.  Yes He will, but in His way, not ours.  When you get to the lesson of  “Learn your faith”, it will explain why He seems like He is not answering.  That will explain why you are not getting instant delivery from this.  Yes, you and I both know that He could choose to deliver us from this, but His plan is more than that.  His plan is not just for delivery, but for HEALING and GROWTH.

Read on, you will see!  Your healing is going to be more than you ever imagined, and will serve you LONG after you no longer struggle with these anxieties!  It is better than you ever could imagine!  Hurry, go read!  You will see!  His plan is more than you could hope for!


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