2 Cor 1:5 For just as the sufferings of Christ flow over into our lives, so also through Christ our comfort overflows. NIV

I was recently talking to a cousin of mine regarding faith, fear, and God’s immeasurable grace.

She mentioned something that her father told her that was so utterly profound, that it seemed to sum up not only this book, but also put in new perspective every fear I had ever had.

To paraphrase what she said:   “When you worry about tomorrow, it is always worse than it really will be because God’s grace is not covering what you are imagining.”.

Those are powerful words, and so true!   When we have a bad thought, we NEVER picture the grace of the Lord in it, do we?  This remind me of when Jesus said  in Matthew 6:34

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.”  NKJV

I often wondered about that verse, thought of how much of a “downer” it was.  I used to think it said “Do not worry about all the trouble for tomorrow…it will get here soon enough.”.  However, when my cousin told me what my uncle said, it became clear!  The grace that the Lord provides for tomorrow is sufficient for any trouble we might encounter.  We must focus on today and His grace today, obeying Him today.  Tomorrow He will give us the grace we need for tomorrow.  He is not going to give us tomorrow’s grace today, because we are not facing the problems of tomorrow today.

I have heard it said “The Lord is rarely early, but He is never late.”.  That fits perfectly into this.  Today He gave you the grace you need for today.  Tomorrow He will give you the grace you need for tomorrow.  Each day is taken care of, one at a time.

It was like when the Israelites were in the desert.  The Lord provided manna from heaven.  He told them to take only what they needed for that day (and twice as much for the Sabbath).  When they tried to take more, anticipating the hunger of the next day, the extra manna rotted.  He was teaching them not to anticipate trouble or a lack of grace on His part.  He is faithful each day, every day.

See, when you start thinking “what if?” or “yeah but…” you are not picturing the Lord’s grace, only the problem.  No wonder you are left feeling frightened and weary, anxious and depressed!  The evil of each day, without the grace of God, is a miserable, frightening experience.

However, we are not to think like that.  We are to rest in His grace, because He will give you grace each day as you need it.  You cannot use more grace than you can use at that moment.  You cannot store grace for future use.  It is just like air:  you cannot breathe extra today so that you do not need to breathe tomorrow.  You need each breath of grace in each moment of the day.

We fear the future because we do not imagine the future problems through the blessed love of Christ.  We imagine the evil of the future, but fail to imagine the grace of the Lord, so we try to protect ourselves.


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